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The thrilling chance to win, the social aspect, the fun and entertainment and the general love of the game form the most common bingo lures.

People are lured into the bingo world as they are looking for a fun game that gives them an opportunity of winning cash prizes as well as a chance to get together with old friends and make new friends in the process. These bingo lures keep players going to their chosen bingo halls on a regular basis, and keep them logging on to their favorite online bingo site each day as well. The majority of bingo players play land-based bingo as well as online games.

Recent studies have found that more people play bingo than go to movies, music concerts and sports games together. These studies have also shown that for every one person who goes to casinos, there are ten players who play at halls. Online bingo has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many players supplementing their land-based games with online games. One of the most popular sites is Bingodrome. Many players have also replaced their usual games at their local hall or church with playing from the comfort of their own homes. The increase in availability and convenience of playing online has been one of the biggest bingo lures in recent times.

Of course one of the most obvious bingo lures that keeps people playing the game is the winning factor. The attraction of winning a huge jackpot prize is always a major drawing card, whether it is a land-based or online game. As bingo is a game of chance, players are never certain of a win, which makes the anticipation that much more exciting. The game itself is also exciting, and loads of fun for all involved.

While the demographics of the average bingo player have changed according to the increased popularity of the game, there is not one specific type of person who is susceptible to bingo lures. Any person looking for an entertaining and rewarding game is likely to be lured by the evident benefits of bingo. From health benefits such as mental agility to psychological benefits such as decrease in stress levels, there is no doubt that bingo is good for minds and souls.
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