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Bingo Gala


The Romans left  bingo gala evidence of a game called Luaus Duodecimo Scriptorium "The Game of 12 Lines" with leather boards and sets of 30 markers, 15 of ebony and 15 of ivory dating back to 600AD and is thought to be derived from the Egyptian Senate. In the 1st Century AD Luaus Duodecimo Scriptorium was replaced by a variant with 2x12 lines instead of 3x12 lines as it grew closer and closer to today's version. The game bingo gala came to Britain with the Roman conquest in the 1st Century and was also referred to as Tabular, a generic name for the board on which it was played. This pastime was quite popular bingo gala and a favored game by Emperor Claudius. About 50 AD, Claudius wrote a history of the game of Tabular which, unfortunately, has not  bingo gala survived. His imperial carriage was equipped with an laves, a Tabular playing board, so that he could play while traveling. Tabular is also the bingo gala  game which was primarily responsible for the  bingo gala gambling mania which swept Rome prior to its being declared illegal under the Republic. The fine for gambling at any other time except the Saturnalia was four times the bingo gala  stakes, although this law was only weakly and sporadically enforced. By the 6th Century the game was called Alee, "the art of  bingo gala gambling with dice". Alee was likely the first precursor to contemporary backgammon although there were many aviations regarding starting positions and movement.

On the Internet Gaming Zone,  bingo gala you can show the board with notation by using the Game/Settings/Display/Show Board Notation option. This will give you descriptions like "W10" and "B5." W10 would be white's 10-point, but also brown's 15-point. On FIBS, each point has only  bingo gala one number, from 1 to 24, and whether you move from lowest to highest or highest to lowest varies each game. On this web site, I will use bingo gala the accepted notation, in which each point has two definitions, rather than either the Zone's or FIBS'.
as achieved somewhat of a steady state with several  bingo gala tournaments throughout the US and Europe being well attended. The internet provides several backgammon servers who enjoy clientele  bingo gala among the thousands and the web has given birth to a multitude of backgammon resources bingo gala such as the one you are at now.

If you are playing a 2-point match, or have  bingo gala reached a score where both players need 2 points to win (like 1-1 in a 3-point match, or 3-3 in a 5-point match) it is usually right to double at your first opportunity. If you are playing a significantly stronger player, you should double when you have any advantage, no matter how slight. Your opponent will surely double bingo gala later if he obtains the advantage, but you may not realize later on when it's correct to double. Don't be afraid to turn it bingo gala into what is essentially a one-point match.

Here is a game that has some of the very best bingo gala  bets in the casino and some of the very worst. If you make a steady diet bingo gala of the bad bets, your bankroll will become anorexic. What are the no-no bets? Avoid the all one-roll Crazy Crapper bets such as the 2, 3, 11, 12, Any Craps, C&E, Any Seven, whirl, world, hops, horn and the Field; stay away from the hard ways, too, because if you don't it will go hard with your wallet. Don't place your faith in the place bingo gala bets of 4 or 10 and 5 or 9 bingo gala  as they come in with edges of 6.67 percent and four percent, respectively. Stick to the humdrum of playing the pass/don't pass; come/don't come with the maximum in odds that you can afford. In Tunica casinos bingo gala, you can place the six or eight in multiples of $6 and you can buy the four or ten for $25 and only pay the commission if you win. These are all good bingo gala bets.

Casinos compete with each bingo gala  other for a player's action by offering 15-cent, 10-cent and even 5-cent lines. The bingo gala difference in these lines is seen in the "comeback." In the above 20-cent line the comeback on  bingo gala the underdog is a 20 -cent difference. If the Braves were favored by $1.90 and the casino was using a 10-cent line bingo gala the comeback on the Dodgers would be $1.80. Once again it is to the players advantage to shop around to see what the various bingo gala books offer. In the above scenario if you like the Braves and Maddox you must put up $190 to win $100, and if the Braves win you get your $190 back plus the $100. If you like the Dodgers and Gross you put up $100 and if this side wins you get back your $100 plus $170, almost bingo gala doubling your wager. Combinations and variables are often offered here  bingo gala too.


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