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Gala Bingo


Backgammon in Asia
In Asia a game called "Nard" appeared prior to 800AD in southwest Asia or Persia. Nard was played  gala bingo in a similar fashion as Alee and used only 2 die to move markers. Also referred to as Hardship, Nardeeshir, and Nard-t-shirt, with "Nard" was the Persian name for wood product like the board on which it was played. The game was also called "Sachet Nard" meaning "battle on wood". An ancient writing describing the symbolism of gala bingo the game reveals that:

The board represents a year; each side gala bingo contains 12 points for months of the year; the twenty-four points represent the hours in a day; the 30 checkers represent days of the month; the sum of opposing sides of the die represent the 7 days of the week; the contrasting  gala bingo colors of each set of checkers represent day and night.

The popularity of  gala bingo backgammon increased during the 1960's with the efforts of Prince Alexis Obelisk (Obey) who organized and promoted tournaments and the first "Official" World Championships in the Bahamas becoming backgammon's highest gala bingo  honor which holds gala bingo  true today. A prolific publishing trend of backgammon books was started with "Backgammon: The Action Game" by Obey himself. The 1970's have been frequently gala bingo  described as backgammon's "Heyday" as it saw huge increases in popularity, publicity, tournaments and backgammon literature including books, gala bingo  magazines, and newspaper columns. It moved  gala bingo from the upper to middle classes and was popular among the younger generation as well. Tournament purses gala bingo  soared into 6 digit sums and its popularity gala bingo  was widespread throughout the US and Europe. Several great introductory texts came out including "The Backgammon Book" by Jacoby & Crawford, "Backgammon: The Cruelest Game" by Cooke & Bradshaw,  gala bingo which paved the way for more advanced tomes such as "Backgammon for Profit" by Dew and the Classic "Backgammon" by Margie referred to by many as the "bible of backgammon". The 1980's however saw a decline in popularity again mostly among the younger generation likely due to the  gala bingo advent of video games and the excitement to young minds that they can provide. Interest in learning the intricacies of the game was as strong as  gala bingo ever for the players that remained and was bolstered by the invention of computer gala bingo  backgammon which could not only provide a decent opponent but more importantly gala bingo  they could save hours of time by performing rollouts of positions giving players a deeper understanding of the game gala bingo.

Still, the myth persists. Repeatedly, I get e-mails, letters, complaints and remarks from other players who insist that playing with "poppies" (bad players) is the reason why good players lose. So there's  gala bingo only one thing left. I hesitate to do it because I know how much most of you hate numbers, but you've forced me into it. I have no choice but to present you with the simple mathematical proof that another player's mistake has absolutely no effect  gala bingo on your own chances to win your hand.

A couple of  gala bingo points. An $800 loss is a high price for a "free" breakfast. As for $5 slot machines paying more, gala bingo they do tend to have higher payback percentages than lower-denomination machines do. At the four Illinois casinos closest to Chicago--Harrah's and Empress in Joliet, Hollywood in Aurora and Grand Victoria in Elgin--returns on $5  gala bingo machines average about 96 percent, compared with 95 percent on dollar games and 93 percent on quarter games.

And don't listen to players gala bingo  who tell you not to hit your 12 against the dealer's two or three. Hit it. Finally, some players mimic the dealer's rules for hitting and standing in the mistaken notion that, since the casino invariably wins at blackjack, mimicking the dealer will assure them of winning as well. Well, this is one case where what is good for the  gala bingo goose is deadly for the gander. Imitate the dealer's rules for hitting and standing and you'll get flattened. Why? Because you have to make your decisions before the dealer and if you bust and the dealer busts -- you still lose! That gives the gala bingo  house over a six percent edge!


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